Getting Married Paywise Account

Kids Love Couple After the Wedding

Paywise is pleased to announce our Getting Married Account. The account is an easy way for couples getting married to receive cash gifts from friends, family and well-wishers. Opening a Getting Married Account is easy.

1. Complete Paywise registration form
2. Two forms of IDs for both bride and groom
3. Proof of address for both bride and groom
4. Bank account in the name of the bride and groom
5. Wedding date must be 3 months or less in the future
6. Copy of the marriage licence
7. Copy of wedding invitation

How it Works
1. The bride and groom sign up with Paywise
2. Receive instructions on how to receive payments
3. Gives instructions to friends, family and well-wishers
4. Payments are made to the bride and groom’s Paywise account
5. Notifications are sent when payments are received
6. Payments are transferred to the bride and groom’s bank account
7. Three days after the wedding date the Paywise account is closed and any remaining funds are transferred to the couple’s bank account. No more payments will be accepted for the account.

For more information call or WhatsApp 682-6328 or email Alternatively, you can visit our website, leave your contact information and we will call you within 24 hours.



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