Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements?
Your business must be registered and have a business bank account.

How do I sign up my business?
You will receive an email from us with the registration requirements. Complete the requirements and email the documents to us. After signing up a welcome package is sent via email. This contains your Paywise account number, payment instructions, etc.

How long does it take to activate the service?
One business day.

How does Paywise work?
Give the Paywise account number to your customers. Customers make payments at the NLCB LOTTO agents and collect a receipt upon payment. Afterwards, payment notifications are sent to you by email and SMS. On the next business day, the money is transferred to your business bank account.

What is the fee?
The fee is $8.00 TT per transaction. Paywise deducts the fee from the amount paid. There are no setup fees and no hidden costs.

How can I verify a payment?
There are two ways to verify a payment:
a. Payment Update Report
Paywise processes payments on an hourly basis. An email, listing the payments made, is sent each time payments are processed to your Paywise account.

b. Transaction History
Paywise maintains a history of all payment transactions. Log-in to your Paywise account to view all payments received. 

How will I know what amount will be credited to my business bank account?
At the end of each business day, a summary of all payments for that day is emailed to you. The summary contains the payments received, Paywise fees and the amount to be credited to your bank account.

When are funds transferred to my business bank account?
Payments are transferred at noon on the next business day.

Is there a minimum amount to be transferred?
No. All payments received are transferred on the next business day.



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