Receive More Donations

Many organizations, groups and individuals seek donations for worthy causes. The conventional way to receive donations is to ask that deposits be made to a bank account set up for that purpose. Despite the best intentions many potential donors never make it to the bank. They want to contribute but the long bank lines are a big discouragement. The lack of a quick way for the man-in-the-street to make donations is one of the major reasons funding targets are never achieved.

Paywise has a solution. We provide a convenient, safe and fast way to make donations. Donors simply visit one of the 900+ VIA Bill Payment agents across the country and make the donation. In two-twos, the payment is made. Afterward, Paywise transfers the donations to the bank account set up for that purpose. Such an easy way of making donations enables NGOs, organizations, groups and individuals to more purposefully target the man-in-the-street and raise more money.

To registration with Paywise is a simple process and by the next business day, you can begin receiving donations.

For more information call 223-9422 or email us at


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