Getting Married Paywise Account

Kids Love Couple After the Wedding

Paywise is pleased to announce our Getting Married Account. The account is an easy way for couples getting married to receive cash gifts from friends, family and well-wishers. Opening a Getting Married Account is easy.

1. Complete Paywise registration form
2. Two forms of IDs for both bride and groom
3. Proof of address for both bride and groom
4. Bank account in the name of the bride and groom
5. Wedding date must be 3 months or less in the future
6. Copy of the marriage licence
7. Copy of wedding invitation

How it Works
1. The bride and groom sign up with Paywise
2. Receive instructions on how to receive payments
3. Gives instructions to friends, family and well-wishers
4. Payments are made to the bride and groom’s Paywise account
5. Notifications are sent when payments are received
6. Payments are transferred to the bride and groom’s bank account
7. Three days after the wedding date the Paywise account is closed and any remaining funds are transferred to the couple’s bank account. No more payments will be accepted for the account.

For more information call or WhatsApp 682-6328 or email Alternatively, you can visit our website, leave your contact information and we will call you within 24 hours.


5 Years and Counting


June 2018, marked the fifth anniversary of Paywise Limited. It was not an easy journey but despite the challenges, we always remained focus on providing quality service. Each response to the challenges faced was with the customer in mind. Sticking relentlessly to a simple and easy way to facilitate payments between buyers and sellers. Key to our endeavor was the support received from the wider community, stakeholders, and customers. We sincerely thank everyone who played a role in our journey and we shall continue to earn your support.


Faster Payment Notifications

45 Mins

      Faster Notifications

Paywise has increased the number of times payments are processed. Originally, payments were processed 4 times daily. Then, we increased the frequency to once an hour. Now, payments are processed every 15 minutes. This means that merchants know when a customer has paid sooner.

This change has reduced the time between when a payment was made and the merchant was notified. Previously, merchants received notifications 2 hours after the payment was made. Now,  notifications are received 45 minutes to an hour after.

For our time sensitive merchants, the shorter notification time allows them to respond to customers faster.

Paywise will continue to explore ways to further reduce the notification window.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements?
Your business must be registered and have a business bank account.

How do I sign up my business?
You will receive an email from us with the registration requirements. Complete the requirements and email the documents to us. After signing up a welcome package is sent via email. This contains your Paywise account number, payment instructions, etc.

How long does it take to activate the service?
One business day.

How does Paywise work?
Give the Paywise account number to your customers. Customers make payments at the NLCB LOTTO agents and collect a receipt upon payment. Afterwards, payment notifications are sent to you by email and SMS. On the next business day, the money is transferred to your business bank account.

What is the fee?
The fee is $8.00 TT per transaction. Paywise deducts the fee from the amount paid. There are no setup fees and no hidden costs.

How can I verify a payment?
There are two ways to verify a payment:
a. Payment Update Report
Paywise processes payments on an hourly basis. An email, listing the payments made, is sent each time payments are processed to your Paywise account.

b. Transaction History
Paywise maintains a history of all payment transactions. Log-in to your Paywise account to view all payments received. 

How will I know what amount will be credited to my business bank account?
At the end of each business day, a summary of all payments for that day is emailed to you. The summary contains the payments received, Paywise fees and the amount to be credited to your bank account.

When are funds transferred to my business bank account?
Payments are transferred at noon on the next business day.

Is there a minimum amount to be transferred?
No. All payments received are transferred on the next business day.


Not Registered? No Bank Account? No Problem

We encounter many entrepreneurs conducting small businesses. Many businesses are registered and have business bank accounts. However, some are registered but are without a business bank account. Others are unregistered.

To utilize the Paywise service business must be registered and have a business bank account. Several persons who have asked if we offer business registration services. So we decided to assist.  Also, we decided to help registered businesses obtain a business bank account.

Paywise now offers, through a partner business, business registration services. In addition, we will refer registered businesses without a business bank account to a local bank. A representative from the bank will call the business and facilitate the opening of the business bank account.

For more information call us at 223-9422 or email us at


Tips to Scan Documents

You can use a scanner or phone to scan your documents for Paywise. If you are using a camera here are some tips to make sure the documents are ‘picture perfect’.

You can use an app like Microsoft Office Lens or your camera. The camera can be a phone camera or normal digital camera.

Using Microsoft Office Lens
Free app on Google Play and Apple App Store.

Google Play Store:
Apple Store:

Point and click, the app does the rest.
Using Your Camera
1. Ensure the area is well lit
2. Position camera directly over the documents
3. The document edges should touch the edges of your screen
4. Ensure the camera is focused and the print is clear to read
5. Ensure no shadow is cast on the document